What we really pride ourselves on is our customer service. Patrick Coen Computer Services, we build computers to your home or business needs and give the best possible service . Our goal is that every single one of our customers is thrilled with their decision to use our services . We’ll go out of our way to make sure that happens. If you’re happy, then we’re happy.

Virus & Spyware Removal/Cleaning

Eliminate Viruses, Spyware and Root kits
Nasty viruses and spyware can lead to complete frustration with your computer.  Adware, malware, trojans and worms slow down your computer and make surfing the internet a miserable experience.  We offer complete virus and spy-ware removal and cleaning so that you can get back to enjoying your surfing experience and become productive again.  We have an advantage over other computer companies in our ability to provide an extremely quick turn-around.  No need to wait for weeks to get your pc back.  We pride ourselves on prompt and courteous service.  We also will install and configure anti-virus, anti-spyware software on your pc/computer to aid and prevent future infections.


Computer Hardware Upgrades

Complete Hardware Upgrades for Your Computer
Over the course of normal use your computer may become slow and unable to keep up with your computing demands.  There comes a time when you may decide to upgrade your pc/computer hardware.  Patrick Coen Computer Services can help by providing hardware upgrades to keep your pc/workstation running as smoothly as possible.  We offer memory, hard drives, motherboards, sound cards, video cards, network adapters, power, keyboards, mice, blue tooth, DVD, CDs, storage updates, upgrades and enhancements and much, much more.  Keep your pc upgraded, updated and in optimal working condition.  If your Computer is in need of some serious PC Repair please contact us now.

Computer Tuning

Keep your Computer Running Smoothly
Over time and use your computer may become slow and unresponsive.  Your hard drive may become fragmented and old and unused programs may still be caught in the registry.  Contact us and we will optimize your current settings, rid your computer of unused software, optimize your favorite Internet Browser settings and increase the speed of your computer.  Proactive and regular computer maintenance is the least expensive and easiest way to ensure the long term health of your computer.



Wireless Networking

Implement a Home Wireless Network for Convenience
Free yourself from the restrictions of wires by designing and installing a Home Wireless Network.  Use your internet access in any room of your house.  Home Wireless LANs (WLANs) can easily and securely be designed, installed and optimized in little time.  Patrick Coen Computer Services focuses on Wireless Network Installation so we can assure you that your home wireless network will be securely configured to eliminate the possibility of data hijacking and unauthorized “prying eyes.”  With our vast experience in the design and installation of all shapes and sizes of Wireless LANs, we can guarantee optimal Wireless Access Point placement to provide for the best coverage area.  We will configure any type of Wireless Router, Repeater, Access Point, Client Adapter and Printer.  If you recently just purchased internet access we can perform the initial configuration and testing for connectivity to your ISP.